The First Avenger

Originally rejected for World War II military recruitment due to various health and physical problems, Steve Rogers is later recruited as part of a “super soldier” project that transforms him into a nearly perfect human being with peak strength, agility, stamina and intelligence.

In all the Marvel movies, Steve has had to deal with various challenges that has tested his sense of patriotism, his unwavering trust and friendship with Bucky and his moral code to do the right thing. What sets Steve apart is his will to never give up without standing his ground; as reference by his famous “I could do this all day” line (both in The First Avenger and Civil War). That line is a nice acknowledgement that even with his superhuman abilities, Captain America is still the same Steve Rogers, a scrappy guy from Brooklyn with a lot of heart.

In the Infinity War movie, we loved how the iconic scene from the comic carried through onto the big screen, when Steve was the last hero standing in the way of Thanos. He delivers a powerful speech (from the comic): “As long as one man stands against you Thanos, you’ll never be able to claim victory. I’ve lived my life by those sentiments and they’re well worth dying for”.

Designed after the iconic red, white and blue colors of his uniform and shield, our Steve sock is a beacon of righteousness and a symbol for truth and justice. The fearless leader who never ages, Steve is a true classic in all sense of the word.

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