Fresh from the oven #1

Every now and then, we compile a list of interesting things that we love from the interwebs.

1. This fills us with so much joy #WeThePeople

2. Next time a client tries to pay you with “Exposure”, send them to

3. Profile of Dogs is a Chrome browser extension that automatically turns users’ Linkedin profile pictures into random adorable dogs so that companies can review candidate’s resumes and skills without any unconscious bias based on how they look.

4. His conspiracy theories on Sandy Hook have led to survivors being harassed and he’s been labelled as America’s leading conspiracy theorist. Hate him or not, this Alex Jones interview by Joe Rogan gives a different and insightful perspective (sidebar: It’s a long podcast but worth listening to the front bit).

5. One of the best self-help a.k.a make yourself better and live your best life books we’ve read in a long time – Atomic Habits by James Clear. Bonus: This is a great taster to whet your appetite for the book.

6. Hooked on Netflix’s Umbrella Academy like us? Here’s a great video to bridge the gap between the comic series and the show (spoilers alert).

7. How to be an artist.


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