The Sock Project: Dwayne Lau

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Dwayne Lau, 37, Actor

How many pairs of socks do you currently own?
Too many to count! Ball park figure – at least 50 pairs? If not more!

Describe your favourite pair?
It’s the latest Dragon Playground By Freshly Pressed! It’s inspired by the old school nostalgic playgrounds of the 80s! I grew up playing when I was a kid, but later it was demolished for a generic open space. The design encapsulates the iconic mosaic patterns, and the hexagonal shape and colours of the playground structure. Miss it badly but happy it’s finally immortalised in the form of my favourite clothing article! SOCKS!

What’s a book that you’ve read the most often?
Oh the places you would go!” By Dr. Seus!
It’s a Book about dreams, aspirations and fun!

If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport that you have a good chance of winning a medal for, what would it be?
Shopping! Most haul and Best Buys wins! I’ve had training on my trips to BKK!

What hobby would you want to get into if time and money wasn’t an issue?
Would travelling be considered a hobby? [wink]
Otherwise, playing the accordion! Would love to learn how to play it!

If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what question would you ask?
Who will I eventually Marry!?

If you could have one mediocre super-power, what would it be?
I want the power to always have a $5 discount coupon available when I book my Grab ride.

What’s one song that would perfectly describe you and your life?
LOVE NOW.” By Daphne June Lau. Local singer songwriter. It’s a song that reminds us to love generously, keeping offences short and living in the now.

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