Fresh from the oven #2

Every Friday, we compile a list of interesting things from the week that we love

1. Reduce the file size of your project down to 50% by randomly deleting half of the files using Thanos.js

2. Plot twist: Captain Marvel is actually Number 8 from the Umbrella Academy. Bonus: Captain Marvel gets her own Adidas sneakers

3. The world’s last Blockbuster has no plans to close.

4. The world needs Offensive Crayons

5. Start them young #Sneakerhead

6. An actual #hashtag challenge that can change the world

7. Meet the football team that on a mission for sustainability and environmentalism.

8. In celebration of St Patrick’s Day, Guinness is partnering with RedMart to offer a 24s Guinness Draught Party Pack which includes a pair of our Arthur socks. Get an extra $20 off with the promo code IAMPAT


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