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While Captain America is technically the first Avenger, Iron Man was the first on film. As part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Iron Man took the entire franchise to a global audience; mostly thanks to the stellar performance of Robert Downey Junior (aka. RDJ) as Tony Stark.

As one of the founding members of the Avengers, Tony is a unique in the sense that he did not have any super powers (nor was he an Asgardian God). And yet, with his vast intellect, affinity for engineering (Your pal, The Mechanic) and deep pockets, Tony was able to transform himself into a powerful superhero by building the Iron Man armour. Over time and across many battles, he was able to refine the armour to make it better each time eventually ending up with the nanotech armour seen in Infinity War. (Cue the scene in Iron Man 2 where his armour was repeatedly devastated by Whiplash’s electric whips and subsequently in The Avengers, Tony gets hit by one of Thor’s lightning bolts and his suit simply just absorbs the blast and coverts it into weaponised energy).

Tony ingenuity never ceases to amaze and yet even with his perceived arrogance and less than stellar record for following instructions, Tony always tries to do the right thing. In the MCU series, we were exposed to Tony’s vulnerable side and saw his struggles but his end goal is always for the betterment of humanity even at the sacrifice of his own life (Cue the scene in The Avengers where he flies the nuclear bomb through the wormhole).

In commemoration of the role Iron Man played in the MCU movie franchise, here are 5 of our favourite Tony Stark moments.

1. Shawarma (The Avengers)
After saving New York from a nuclear warhead and sending it into space to blow up the Chitauri fleet, Tony decides that he would like to try Shawarma and this is what we get in the post-credit scene.

2. House Party Protocol (Iron Man 3)

One of the perks of not being able to sleep after suffering from trauma post The Avengers, Tony decides to unwind by building a whole truckload of Iron Man armor with a wide range of capabilities to handle things such as disaster relief to bomb disposal. Quip to his response to Rhodes during the finale of Iron Man 3 when he activates the House Party Protocol to get them backup: “Everyone Needs A Hobby”.

3. Hulk vs Hulkbuster (Avengers: Age of Ultron)

Other than this being an amazing action sequence and the grand reveal of the Hulkbuster armor, it also shows how Tony always has a contingency plan to the point he constructed a special armour and put it into orbit complete with spare parts to deploy in the event the Hulk raged out of control.

4. Iron Man x War Machine (Iron Man 2)

Another stunning fight sequence against the hammer drone with War Machine is so good, we’ve watched in multiple times. Cue the ending with single-use kill shot from Tony to take out all the hammer drones; just how cool is that.

5. Call it Captain (The Avengers)
The first time we see Tony work as a team; During the battle in New York when all the Avengers finally came together, Iron Man deferring to Captain America to call out plays to contain the Chitauri.

Tony always knows how to make an entrance. A smooth combination of intellect, wit and a flair for the dramatic, our Tony socks will be the life of any party.


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