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Star Wars Poe

December heralds a month of joy and celebration as we approach Christmas in a month filled with holidays, catching up with friends and family and gift-giving.

This December however, we are also celebrating history as Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theatres as the final film in a saga that lasted over 40 years. Easily our favorite character from the sequels, Poe Dameron was introduced in The Force Awakens as a skilled X-wing fighter pilot and the commander of the Resistance’s Starfighter Corps. Known as the best freaking pilot in the galaxy, Poe has a knack for heroic impulses and frequently finds himself grossly outnumbered by the enemy. This was the key inspiration for the design of our Poe sock, which features a lone X-wing battling an entire fleet of Imperial TIE Fighters.

To be brutally honest, his charisma and humour is probably what saved the final 3 films in the saga. Cue these 2 specific scenes in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi

Poe is the type of guy you want in the trenches with you; honest, straightforward, incredibly loyal with a snappy roguishness and swagger. Embodying the spirit of rebellion, Poe lights the way forward in the fight against oppression.


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